Develop a costing scheme to determine the estimated fit out cost for the designated space.


Technique Unit Topic/s

Problem-solving and modelling task Unit 3: Measurement, scales and data Fundamental topic: Calculations Topic 1: Measurement
Topic 2: Scales, plans and models

Duration Mode / length

5 weeks (including 10 hours of class time)
Written: Up to 8 pages (including tables, figures and diagrams) and a maximum of 1000 words

Individual / group Other

A unique response must be developed by each student
Use of technology is required and must go beyond simple computation or word processing


With a greater emphasis on health and wellbeing, more Australians are participating in functional fitness to improve their lifestyle. Staff and students at TAFE Queensland are embracing this, by requesting a fully operational gym to access during staffed hours. TAFE Queensland have the equipment to fit out the gym; however, they need a designated space and materials specific to the demands of a gym.


You are to develop a report for TAFE Queensland management, who want to design a floor plan for a functional gym space for TAFE Queensland – Alexandra Hills campus. Your design must include the necessary details for a fit out – including flooring, air conditioning, windows, paint and any included mirrors.

In this report, you will:

• Analyse the dimensions of the floor space (including tables, figures and diagrams).

• Draw a scale plan of the gym floor plan.

• Identify selected features suitable to meet the needs of the gym

• Develop a costing scheme to determine the estimated fit out cost for the designated space.

Your teacher will give you information about the room dimensions, ventilation requirements, gym requirements and material costs.

To complete this task, you must:

● consider the stimulus information
● use your knowledge of the subject matter in Unit 3 Topics 1–2 to investigate the problem
● ensure you are covering both simple and complex subject matter
● ensure your response demonstrates characteristics in the instrument-specific standards
● develop a unique response in a coherent and concise written format that is appropriate to the genre, and includes a suitable introduction, body and conclusion
● show all calculations to support your response
● follow the approach to problem-solving and mathematical modelling used in the syllabus
● use a spreadsheet to demonstrate relevant calculations.