How Does Culture Shape Our World? Exploring the Cultural Tapestry of Humanity ?

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HSC4M World Cultures Culminating Assignment Culture as Social Action Throughout this course we have analyzed Culture from several different perspectives, challenging our own thoughts, beliefs and opinions and attempting to reframe how we learn and understand about our own and others cultures. For the purpose of your culminating assignment and in an effort to bring awareness regarding the diversity of cultures that exist throughout the world, you will be researching, and exploring a culture of your choice. Please carefully read the assignment components and expectations below as this assignment is broken into two parts, each worth 15%, of your final grade. PART A (PARTS A + B are cumulatively worth 15%) 1. Identify, research, and explore a culture (of which you are not affiliated and have not previously researched during the course). 2. Connect your research to the course materials, ensure that you have addressed the following with respect to the culture that you are researching: a. Definition of culture b. Brief history c. Rituals and traditions d. Examples of expression i. Artistic Expression ii. Secular and Religious Beliefs iii. Cultural Revolutions iv. Language v. Relationship to the Environment vi. Food vii. Clothes e. Cultural Appropriation f. Cultural power imbalances (evidence of oppression v. privilege) g. Any additional information; artifacts, fashion, music, current significance, etc. PART B 1. Create a presentation that highlights the significant information from your respective culture. Ensure your presentation is creative and informative. PART C (worth 15%) Using the research that you have learned; you will write a final research report on your respective culture. In addition to the components addressed in your presentation, your report will also include a final reflection on the importance of learning about world cultures.