How Has Globalization Shaped the World’s Small-Scale Realities?

In Module 4, we are looking closer at individual, small scale impacts of a major force: globalization. Whether it’s changing neighborhoods because of international technology industries “globalizing” cities like San Francisco or a visual representation of how people experience cross-border migration, the authors and artists behind these selections are inviting us to think critically about these forces and our experiences with them. While each required text is relatively current, things do change quickly when it comes to globalization. Julia Whitty wrote about Tuvalu and the climate crisis in 2003, Taylor published the photo essay in 2013, and Solnit wrote about Nieto’s death 2 years after it happened, in 2016. What kind of follow-up can you find on these issues? For our second and final research forum, you should find one appropriate, quality source providing more information on the case presented or one like it. For example, is there an update on how Tuvalu or similar small, island nations are dealing with environmental degradation? Have there been more, similar stories – whether written or photographed – about people’s experiences crossing borders? What about San Francisco, and the response to the many articles criticizing various policies, like Solnit’s does? Once you find a source you think is interesting and fits the above criteria, provide us with a summary and a full citation (APA or MLA). Why did you choose it? What’s interesting about it, and how does it connect to the one its “updating”? Be sure to leave a comment on a classmate’s post before the week is over, and our forum closes. Looking forward to seeing what’s new! These are module 4 files