Thelma and Louise fought incessantly but were happy to be new property owners.

Answer the following questions. You should consider the questions independently from one another and you should presume that any conveyance discussed was properly formed, executed, and recorded.

1. Discuss the interest that Sally, Ned, and Ted may have in the Clearwater Beach home, if any.

2. Discuss the interest, if any, that Kim and Nicki have according to the conveyance of Madeira Beach recorded by Samson.

3. Consider Nicki’s conveyance to Thelma and Louise. Is it a valid Joint Tenancy?

4. Imagine that Louise decides to sell her interest in the Clearwater Beach to fund her dream of driving cross-country in a convertible. What effect, if any, would that have on Thelma’s interest? What type of interest would Louise’s purchaser have?