Write about the Foundations of Army Leadership.

Foundations of Army Leadership

Write about the Foundations of Army Leadership.

There are three categories of competence Leads, Develops, and Achieves. Attached an outline of the main topics for each paragraph.
– Use Active Voice
– Minimum of 750 words.
– Font is Arial, 12pt

– Use standard margins: One inch from the left, right, and bottom edges. Do not justify right margins

– Use double spacing between lines and paragraphs. Do not double space between sentences.

– Employ the Army Writing Style and standard written English

– Use the essay format ( FIVE paragraphs)

– Provide a strong purpose statement (The very first sentence of your paper) – “The purpose of this essay is to inform the readers about the Foundation of Army Leadership.”
– Provide at least two references. (Use the Army’s Leadership book as one of the references).