Create a 600-850 word narrative/short story that focuses on using the elements of characterization.

Lit Studies

Characterization Narrative/Short Story
Your assignment will be to create a 600-850 word narrative/short story that focuses on using the elements of characterization. Although other characteristics of the short story (theme, plot, setting, conflict, etc.) will not be required, they will help with the development of your own original characters.
You will need to use at least 2 characters in the story: one flat/static and one round/dynamic. You may base this character on yourself, a friend, a compilation of people you know, etc. However, you may NOT use a character that has already been created in another piece of fiction/non-fiction. Be creative and have fun…possibilities for characters are endless!

First, decide on a genre…Do you want your character to be part of a science fiction, romcom, fantasy, drama,coming of age, adventure, etc.

Next, complete the character chart for two of the characters you will use in your story (attached to this assignment). This graphic organizer will be worth 10 points and will fall under the “Unit 2 Assumptive Assessment.”

After completing the Character Development graphic organizer, work in conjunction with the plot line graphic organizer (attached to this assignment) to frame your story. You will not need to hit all parts of the plot outline, but each may help shape your story and allow for your audience to really understand your characters. The plot outline will NOT be collected or considered as part of your grade.

Specifically, you will need to use the following to create your characters:
● 1 round/dynamic character (changes within the story)
● 1 flat/static character (does not change within the story)
● 5 instances of direct characterization (total)
● 8 instances of indirect characterization (total). Each instance of Indirect Characterization should be used at least once in order to get a 10/10 on this part (see attached rubric)
○ Speech
○ Thoughts
○ Effect
○ Actions
○ Looks

  • Some use of dialogue
    ● Some sort of central conflict (man v man, himself, nature, fate, technology, society, etc.) Story should be typed,double-spaced, and written in Times New Roman Twelve Point Font. Story will also
    need to be submitted to both Google Classroom and (instructions will be given in a later post.)

**Although this story will only reflect 60 points (10pts graphic organizer, 50pts for the story/rubric), this project will be worth 25% of your final Lit Studies grade.


Along with your written portion, you will need to complete and/or answer the following, then copy and paste #1-4 after the end of your story

  1. Who is your round character and what makes this character round?
    2. Who is your dynamic character, and what makes this character dynamic?
    3. Who is your flat character and what makes this character flat?
    4. Who is your static character and what makes this character static?
    5. In your story/document, highlight in yellow the 3 examples of direct characterization.
    6. In your story/document, highlight in green your 5 instances of indirect characterization.
    7. After each instance of indirect characterization, label (in parenthesis) the type of indirect characterization you used and what it tells the reader about that character.