What about general experiences in your life caused you to have the core beliefs to make your decision?

Signature Writing Assignment 1

You are a Texas Senator on a three person Senate Committee on Education.  The committee has been given an extra $2 million by the Comptroller of Public Accounts who shows that there has been a significant increase in tax revenue in the state.  The money will go toward college scholarships in public universities.  The committee’s job is to decide on proper allocation of the funds and make a recommendation to the full Senate.

Senator Rawls represents an economically challenged portion of urban Dallas.  Senator Rawls grew up in this neighborhood and expresses that poor people are the individuals most in need, and that all extra resources should go to those most in need.  Senator Rawls recommends that all scholarships be need based.  Senator Bentham represents and was raised in an upper middle class portion of Houston.  Senator Bentham says the money should go to the students who are excellent high school students who want to major in STEM fields.  Senator Bentham says the investment will produce and overall healthier society and that ability to succeed in college in an important field is more import than being in personal need because the investment is more likely to produce more overall good in things like medical procedures, drugs, and infrastructure.

You are the third and deciding vote.  In 300-400 words, explain the following in the order outlined by the numbers below:

  1.   What is your decision on how to distribute the money?
  2. Rawls (give to those most in need) and Bentham (give to those who will give the most back) explain their basis of decision making in justifying their decision.  Explain the basis of your decision.  Justify your decision.  What will this mean in future decisions that you make as a legislator?  What are the pros and cons of your decision making process?
  3. What about general experiences in your life caused you to have the core beliefs to make your decision?

Finds 3 outside resources, either academic op-eds or journal articles, supporting your viewpoint. When citing these sources, please include a bibliography in the Chicago style. Be sure to convey who your source is, and why they are a relevant expertise? This assignment will be due 3/28 at midnight.